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My project is called "Love the Skin You're In." It's all about healthy
self-image and self-esteem. I'm open to any medium of art. We're
looking for creative submissions, any field is welcome, including but
not limited to dance, stories, poetry, visual art, monologues, music
I will be compiling various expressions of art, and putting a video
together. Ideally, I would like all artistic submissions to relate to
the theme of self love, especially body image. If you, or anyone has
questions please direct them to my email

Evan Westfal

(Passed on by Selena)


Hey everyone!
This coming Tuesday Jan. 27 is the Pride Week Prep meeting! Make a t-shirt, button, patch, or anything you want to wear at this year's pride week! Remember to bring your own t-shirt to decorate if you want to! Come hang out :) it will be so much fun!

- Sabrina


It's the moment you've been waiting for !! The Drag Show performer sign up is officially live. The form will be closing on February 17th. 
I can't wait to see you all perform !!

- Selena/"Juicy D"


Join us for the Queer Creation workshop!

We are having someone from the community come in and lead a workshop of creating queer media, with a focus on Zine creation, and slam poetry! Come tomorrow to Athabasca Hall for a really cool workshop!