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Hi all!

What a great turnout we had for our AGM and election meeting!! I hope you all enjoyed hearing from our candidates (and eating yummy food) as much as I did. We were lucky enough to end up having exactly nine people running for our nine executive positions! Congratulations to Alec Macdonald, Angus Derocher, David Friedland, Jeff Kaplan, Jessica Delong, Namdro Stewart, Selena Arcovio, Em Krahn, and Elysia Tegart!

Here are a few graphics to check out if you are curious about the exact breakdown of the votes!



Hello folks!

Here are the platforms submitted by election nominees so far. If you are interested in running for exec, please email with a short platform, and we will add you to this post!


David Friedland

Hello, my name is David Friedland, and I am a third year business student, majoring in Human Resource Management and minoring in Political Sciences. Outreach to me is a place where one can  go to relax, and hangout with other open minded people. This past year I have not