News and Announcements


In case you missed the memo, there will be no Tuesday meetings during the summer months. We will see you all in September!! 

We hope to have a few social meet ups during the summer months as the incoming executives transition into their new positions and start planning the 2016/2017 year. Stay tuned on our facebook page (OUTreach University of Alberta) and our website (this page LOL) for more information on these meet ups. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank the 2015/2016 executive team! If it wasn't for all of your hard work and dedication to OUTreach, the group would not be half as amazing as it is! Thank you Arlene, Tom, Michael, Alec, Tucker, David, and Cassie! You folks are amazing !! :)


Hello, you wonderful people.

The time has come to say the words we've been dreading since September... Tomorrow is the last OUTreach meeting of the school year!

Come join us for our end of the year celebrations! Same time, same place as always—5 PM at Athabasca Hall. You can expect:

- an accessible app-based trivia game that we'll play on a projector (bring a charged smartphone if you wanna play!)
- access to our button maker
- an introduction to our new execs

And as always, we'll be …



Speeches are at 5pm in Athabasca Hall. Polls will open as soon as the speeches are done and they will close at 9pm tonight!

The candidates platforms have been emailed out. Please email us at if you want a copy of the candidates platforms! 


Hello folks!

Tomorrow at 5 PM will be our HIV 101 meeting! We will be having HIV Edmonton in to do a presentation for us. HIV is something that disproportionately affects the queer community, so we're so glad to have the folks from HIV Edmonton come in to educate us a little on it.

See you at Athabasca Hall!