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Hey OUTreach, 
I apologize that this took so long! We finally worked out the odds and ends of the executive positions for next year!

There are 8 positions on the executive: President, VP External, VP Internal, VP Operations, VP Finance, Secretary, VP Support (Internal), & VP Support (External). (Email OUTreach if you want to see a description of all of the positions!) 

For the election, you run for a spot on the executive. At the executive transition meeting, we will look at everyone's individual


Don't forget we have elections coming up next week (March 31st). 
During the election, you can run for a spot on the executive. There are 8 open spots!
After the new executive has been voted in, we will meet up and discuss among ourselves which position is best suited to each of your individual strengths and time commitments!

To nominate yourself, please email with the reasons why you want to run and why you would be a good fit for a position on this team !! (250 words max)


Health Week Workshop

It is going to be RAD !!

More information on Health Week:

Health Week 2015: March 23rd - 29th

The fifth annual Health Week is a collaborative celebration of wellness initiatives on campus hosted by the Health & Wellness Movement [HWM]. 


Health Week highlights the diversity of wellness events by showcasing a range of activities that assist students in de-stressing, getting fit or learning more about their health. We recognize the need for a preventative, holistic approach for supporting a