News and Announcements


Hey everyone! We hope that the first week of class has gone well for everyone so far, whether you're making your way around campus for the first time, or for what seems like the thousandth! Our first meeting for the year is tomorrow, (September 9th) in Athabasca Hall, and will be a scavenger hunt, followed by hanging out at RATT. The weather is expected to be a tad miserable, so there will be alternative activities planned, but the hunt will be mostly indoors as well! Feel free to contact us with any questions!

We will be selling discount cards as well tomorrow, so bring 10$ if you want in on some amazing deals!


Hope to see you tomorrow,

- Jeff


Fun in the Sun!

Hey everybody! This coming Saturday (July 19th) afternoon, we will be having a get together in Hawrelak park, meeting at the Heritage Amphitheatre entrance at 1pm. Some light snacks will be provided, you may choose to bring a sandwich if you so desire. Bring any outdoor games or activities you may want to play, or just come to hang out with some rad people for the afternoon!


Send any questions to us on Facebook or via email @, we hope to see a bunch of you on Saturday!




Hello All ! 

We hope to see some of you around Edmonton this summer. Keep updated with queer-related events, topics, and discussion on our facebook page (OUTreach-University of Alberta). If we don't see you during the break, we will see you at our first meeting in september. 

From all of us at OUTreach, we hope you are having a fun and relaxing summer. 

- Selena


Happy School Year!

Now that finals are over, OUTreach would like to thank all of you for a wonderful year! Have a wonderful summer and stay tuned to the internets to hear about any and all summer events happening throughout the city.

They'll be awesome for sure.

- Tyler