News and Announcements


Hey Friends!!
Tuesday's meeting is the "Beyond the (Gender) Binary" Panel ! We will have a few folks with non-binary gender identities speaking on their experiences!

At this meeting we will be accepting full ski trip payments. Total cost = $150 (which includes the $50 deposit)!

We will also be selling Drag Show tickets for $10 ($15 at the door)!


Hello everyone!

We have finalized the pricing for ski trip and will be sending emails your way shortly with more information as well as a more detailed survey for emergency contacts, etc. if you have not received an email by Monday, February 8 please contact us; we might have the wrong contact information.

In addition: We realize that pricing may be an issue for some who wish to come to Jasper. As such, we've applied for and received a grant for financial aid. If you would like access to the


Hello friends!

Our meeting for tomorrow is going to be our "No Limits Sex!" discussion meeting! We will be having a group discussion about sex and sexuality guided by all of your questions! Please submit any questions you have here, or to our question box during the meeting. All questions are anonymous!

We will also be accepting Ski Trip Deposits at the meeting as well!

See you tomorrow!


Just a reminder that we're meeting tonight @ 5 PM in Athabasca Hall to discuss the "I in Media" (referring to times when you've seen an identity or experience portrayed on TV, in a book, movie, etc that resonated with you)!

For those of you who have signed up for ski trip, we'll be taking deposits at tonight's meeting!

See you soon!