Your Current Executive Team

Selena Arcovio


Selena is in her sixth year of university taking Human Ecology in the faculty of ALES. She is majoring in Family Ecology and minoring in Community Diversity. OUTreach is very important to her because she knows the value of finding a community where you feel accepted, included, and understood. When she isn't in class (and she is not in class very often) she is usualy hanging out with friends at Remedy or wasting time on tumblr! She is so thankful and excited for the opportunity to be a part of OUTreach as an executive. Don't be shy, she would love to get to know you all!

Cassie Robertson

VP Internal

Cassie is a fourth-year transfer student from Halifax, Nova Scotia, working on a combined degree in Psychology & English Lit! You can almost always find her camped out in Rutherford Library, reading Shakespeare or trying to understand Sigmund Frued. If she's not there, chances are high that she's loitering in coffee shops, re-watching the same 10 shows on Netflix, or reading for fun (because she’s just that cool). She is currently employed as a Residence Assistant for the university, and is passionate about creating safe, inclusive spaces on campus! She's totally jazzed to be working with OUTreach's amazing members as VP Internal, so if you see her around you should say hello!

Michael Abenojar

VP External

Michael is in his umpteenth year at the University of Alberta, tying up the loose ends of a Bachelor of Arts degree. He is majoring in linguistics and minoring in art & design, and hopes to work his way toward a career in graphic design. While studying (and creating!) on campus, he has sought to make community engagement and volunteerism a big part of his life. From working with a number of Students’ Union services to being a student leader in various student groups to volunteering for non-profits in the Edmonton area, Michael is now focusing on OUTreach as a way to help foster growth and inclusion at the U of A.
Off-campus, he can be found working night shifts at a locally-owned bar, watching WOWPresents or Al Jazeera English on YouTube, being so deep in thought that he bumps into things, or eating. Like a lot. Despite being on the introverted side, Michael always enjoys meeting new people. Actually say hello and start a conversation with him! If it ends up with a stumble into a black hole of social awkwardness, at least he’ll be there with you.

Alec Macdonald

VP Operations

Alec is in his fourth year of the Honors Immunology and Infection programme at the U of A and is working on his 499 Project Thesis under Dr. Shmulevitz on Oncolytic Virology. In addition to serving as VP Operations on the OUTreach executive, Alec serves as the Special Performances Manager for the U of A Mixed Chorus. He was introduced to OUTreach by a friend three years ago and has since enjoyed it's capacity as both a social group and a forum for discussion. Alec is very grateful to be able to give back to this wonderful group and will strive to uphold the safe place provided by OUTreach: where issues of all kinds may be discussed and differing perspectives and points of view are respected and considered. Alec is always up for meeting new people - don't be shy to say hi! 



Leanna Karpoff

HB Finance

Leanna is a Honey Badger. HB loves cats.

Yes... the OUTreach exec trust a Badger with their finances... Want to invest?

Arlene Lam

VP Support External

Arlene is a fifth year Human Ecology student at the university. She currently is majoring in Family Ecology with a minor in Youth and Child studies. Arlene has a passion for volleyball, fitness, food, the fine arts, the sciences, and as you can see the list can go on.

She is a big believer of living life in the present and being mindful of others. Her goal is to spread love, promote equality and celebrate diversity. Don’t be shy to say hello to her!

It is her pleasure to serve OUTreach as the VP Support external for 2015/2016. 

Ps, I spend majority of my time building and playing with my award winning model train set.