Your Current Executive Team

Linh Lu


Linh is an old engineering student, but still fresh to being queer. The majority of zir queer identity resides in the gender realm, as ze is genderqueer. The other equally contributing aspect is being a part of The Houxbois Academy's HELLIONS.

Ze enjoys comic books, a good physics joke, puns of any variety, and flailing excitedly about superheroes in any medium. Ze welcomes all and any to strike up a conversation.

While moderately active on social networks, ze admits the majority of zir 'queer knowledge' comes from the internet. Ze encourages critical thinking and non-judgemental, accepting attitudes! Learning can spring from anyone or anywhere.

Tyler Gajda


Tyler wants to describe himself, but currently has a crippling overabundance of modesty and a severe lack of free time. Please come back soon!

Nicholas Diaz


I am really happy to return as treasurer of OUTreach this year. In my past few years as coordinator, then co-chair, I've seen OUTreach make big strides towards becoming more inclusive, more effective, and more fun. The friends I've made here are some of the best I've ever had.

My passions include music, technology, politics, and gaming, and I rarely turn down a conversation. If you see me at an OUTreach meeting or event, feel free to come talk to me, send me an email, or whatever you're comfortable with.

Eric Sirockman


Eric is currently in his fourth year at the University of Alberta, studying Psychology and Anthropology. This will be his fourth year in OUTreach, and he is excited to bring his quirky, positive, and inclusive queer attitude to the OUTreach executive as the new Secretary.

When he is not gallivanting about across campus rapping Nicki Minaj and casting Harry Potter spells with his elder wand, you can find Eric studying in Rutherford, sitting in HUB eating a plethora of unhealthy foods, and making fun of himself. He is always super excited to meet new people, so please stop and chat with him. He is almost always available for lengthy splendiferous conversations!

Mike Hall


Mike is a second year Masters student in computing science. He has only been involved in OUTreach for a relatively short time, but he is already making an impact on the group. Our fresh new website is largely a product of his programming efforts, and he looks forward to helping in any way he can over the school year.

He is very interested in technology of all kinds, the intersection between technology and public policy, webcomics (including Questionable Content, XKCD, and Shortpacked!), and piano. He's generally pretty shy, and you probably won't see him taking the lead in social situations very often, but you should feel free to approach him about anything and everything, or even nothing at all!

Elysia Tegart


This is Elysia's fourth year at the U of A, though her second in Education. Majoring in Spanish, minoring in art at the secondary education level, she dreams of teaching in new and (hopefully) warmer lands. In the meantime you can often find her walking around campus in a fancy hat, or in one of the studios under HUB. She is very excited to learn more from everyone and to help create interesting and exciting events and meetings for all.

Elysia is always happy to meet new people and chat, whether it is at meetings, in the OUTreach office (once we secure a new one, that is), or on campus. Please feel free to drop by for hangouts and tea during her office hours!

Carson Dick


I am excited to be a part of the OUTreach executive this year and to make a contribution to LGBTQ community on campus. Its my first time acting as a Coordinator, but I feel confident in my abilities and am looking forward to the coming school year.

I have a fondness for math and science, and I apologize in advance if you have to endure my rants on i^i or Gabriel's Horn. And while you may find me stressing over midterms so much my eyebrows are falling out, I'm always willing to hear what's troubling you and lend a helping hand.

So come on out to OUTreach if you can. We're always glad to see new members.

Courtney Ross


Courtney is currently in her fourth year at the U of A. She is helping breach the gap between arts and sciences with a Biological Sciences major and a Creative Writing minor. This is her second year as part of Outreach and her first on the executive. She hopes to bring a lot of fun and excitement to the group, possibly a few different hair colors and maybe find a few people willing to listen to her ramble about her dog.

Courtney can often be found living off of Edo in SUB, taking a quick catnap in a library or blogging about her favorite tv shows and comics (and her dog). She’s always up for a good laugh- please bring your best puns for easy friendship. Also being a dog person can’t hurt you—she’s not kidding about the dog thing.

Eilidh Knudsen


Coming soon...