Your Current Executive Team

Selena Arcovio


Selena is in her fourth year of university taking Human Ecology in the faculty of ALES. She is majoring in Family Ecology and minoring in Community Diversity. She has a passion for queer and gender studies and does her best to take at least one queer related course each semester. When she is not buried behind a mountain of textbooks in the library, she is usually hanging out at Remedy or playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends and a bottle of wine. 

She is so thankful and excited for the opportunity to be a part of OUTreach as an executive. Don't be shy, she would love to get to know you all!

Dylan Moulton

Director of Finance

Dylan recently graduated from his Bachelor of Science in April and currently works in a local pharmacy on the north side. He is incredibly interested in neuroscience and focused on this topic throughout his degree. Although he knows he is bound to return to university next year, he is not 100% decided on what program! After recently returning from a month in Europe he has discovered that the travel bug has bitten him HARD. All he thinks about is travelling and wants to explore the world and experience all it has to offer! 

He is super excited to be a part of the OUTreach executive this year as Director of Finance and will do everything he can to make this the best year OUTreach has ever had! 

Oh, and he loves you all!

Sabrina Nixon


Sabrina is a vegetarian who loves theatre and poetry. She is in her second year of a Bachelors of Education in Elementary and she hopes to be an amazing teacher one day. You can often recognize her from her “lion’s mane” of a hairstyle. She is super friendly and wants to get to know everyone involved in OUTreach, especially the shy people! She wants to make sure OUTreach is a safe space for everyone. Sabrina is really excited to be the secretary on the OUTreach executive and wants to make this a great year for OUTreach!

Alec Macdonald


Alec is in his third year of the Honours Immunology and Infection programme at the U of A and works as an undergraduate research intern in Dr. Elliott's lab. In addition to serving as Co-Chair on the OUTreach executive, Alec serves as the Special Performances Manager for the U of A Mixed Chorus. He was introduced to OUTreach by a friend two years ago and has since enjoyed it's capacity as both a social group and a forum for discussion. Alec is very grateful to be able to give back to this wonderful group and will strive to uphold the safe place provided by OUTreach: where issues of all kinds may be discussed and differing perspectives and points of view are respected and considered. Alec is always up for meeting new people - don't be shy to say hi! 

Em Krahn


Em is very excited to be serving as co-chair this year! OUTreach has been a very important space for Em, helping them to fully embrace a queer identity, find a safe space on campus (where they spend the rest of their life studying neuroscience…), and connect with amazing people! They hope to help others do the same, and have some awesome adventures along the way. In their free time, Em…. Oh, never mind. No such thing. But they do enjoy reading, anything Doctor Who-related, and the occasional trip to the other side of the planet.

Jessica Delong

VP Internal

Jessica is a fourth year Education student and will be serving as VP Internal during the 2014/2015 school year. She loves reading, sci-fi, and video games. She can normally be found in HUB mall studying, chatting, or goofing off with friends. Jessica dreams to one day teach English as a second language overseas, but until then she is elated to work with all members of OUTreach to make the University of Alberta the totally wicked centre for Queer students that she knows it can be!

Angus Derocher

VP External

In the middle of a civil engineering degree, Angus is delighted to serve as the VP External of Outreach. In particular, he hopes to instigate some engaging debates and organize plenty of events. He can often be found meandering around campus and central Edmonton, so feel free to stop him and chat. He is particularly fond of talking about history, architecture, and webcomics.

Jeff Kaplan

VP Marketing

Jeff is serving as VP Marketing for Outreach this year. A seemingly perpetual student at the University of Alberta, he is beginning his first year of a Nursing degree after wandering about in the Faculty of Science. Jeff has attended Outreach for the past 4 school years and has made a number of friends through it, and seeks to support Outreach in providing this oppurtunity for others. He also aims to help to coordinate events with the rest of the executive. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with friends, playing video games, creating fantasy worlds, listening/dancing with carefree abandon to 80's music, and writing about himself in the third person.

Elysia Tegart

VP Support

This is Elysia's fourth year at the U of A, though her second in Education. Majoring in Spanish, minoring in art at the secondary education level, she dreams of teaching in new and (hopefully) warmer lands. In the meantime you can often find her walking around campus in a fancy hat, or in one of the studios under HUB. She is very excited to learn more from everyone and to help create interesting and exciting events and meetings for all.

Elysia is always happy to meet new people and chat, whether it is at meetings, in the OUTreach office (once we secure a new one, that is), or on campus. Please feel free to drop by for hangouts and tea during her office hours!

Nicole Boucher

Director of VP Support

Nicole is in the faculty of science, specializing in animal biology, and hopes to eventually get a Msc in ecology.  She currently works in an ecology lab at the university, researching birds and other animals.  In her free time, she enjoys walking (anywhere, everywhere!), painting, reading, drinking excessive amounts of tea and playing video games.

She is always happy to meet new people, so feel free to say hi during meetings or if you see her around campus… or drop by during her office hours to hangout!